Mindshark Better RankAny company can get a website developed and pay their webmaster to try and get their website on the top page on as many search engines as possible. Getting the desired results in a feasible time to continue trying, on the other hand, is not as universal as the first statement. This scary revelation should never lead you to think that getting to that number one position is by magic, unless you believe all magic is planned events executed well enough to mesmerize the audience, then maybe yes. The series of necessary activities that land other pages on top search result pages are not mysterious, everyone knows them but either they do not press hard enough on getting to number one. We will scratch the surface of what Mindshark does for all it’s clients, in and beyond their budgets so that they get to the elusive first page.

Firstly, because each business is different from all it’s competitors regardless of the fact that they are hoping to survive off the same customers, deep research is conducted in light of our client. Special combinations of keywords are generated and noted down to help with the process of generating fresh content necessary to get the page the attention it deserves from search engines. Intense fresh pages of content are then generated over the next phase of months each with unique insightful and engaging content that site visitors would connect with when they read it.

Secondly, once a content policy has been established, plugging that content into the website of the client could prove futile unless the keywords discovered in the first phase are balanced in the body such that pages deem the page readable (remember that the bots cannot actually read the context of the page), which is determined by a good keyword density.

While all this is happening, which could take long depending on the quality of content and number of individual results aimed at, the always happening activity is code analysis of other websites in the same niche that have made good results. The aim is to attain dominance, which is why after modifying our clients code elements to be friendly in the eyes of search engines, the time comes for the content to be systematically added. A good regime of doing this and constant updating of other elements will bring good results.

While all these efforts would be beneficial, they would not make for a difference unless search engines actually know your website exists. Lucky Mindshark has Google Webmaster tools specialists who will always submit changes made to pages on your website to the search engines. Other tools for monitoring the results are also integrated and used on your websites if you were a client. These would allow for changes to be done to test what works for your situation and target crowd, and then do more of what works. Social platforms are also integrated with your content to get more eyes on it and allow readers to share with their peers.

With all things done to perfection, the ripple effects and repeated iterations will get you noticed and placed on the first page of search engines.

chiropractor clinic in orlando

If you want to find a chiropractic clinic in Orlando, you’ll be surprised to learn that there are quite a few to choose from. This is an indication that chiropractic practice has gained wide acceptance, and that people have learned of the many health benefits of spinal adjustment.

In order to understand this better, it would help to understand what a chiropractor is. We also need to understand what goes on in a typical chiropractor clinic in Orlando.

What is a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a practitioner of a form of alternative medicine. It requires about five years of classroom, hands-on and laboratory training, plus a passing mark in national qualifying exams to obtain a chiropractor license. Many chiropractors in Orlando are members of the Florida Chiropractic Society.

A chiropractor is a person who uses his or her knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system to diagnose and treat illnesses of the body. Chiropractors or chiropractic doctors believe that illnesses result mainly from spinal misalignments which cause an imbalance in body functions, especially in the functions of the nervous system.

In order to treat these misalignments, chiropractors use what they call manipulation or adjustment. This process involves putting pressure on joints, especially those on the back and spine. They believe that these treatments relieve pressure on the nerves, thus restoring balance in bodily functions and causing an improvement in overall health. Another result of manipulation or adjustment is the eradication of pain.

Health Benefits Of Chiropractic Adjustment

The 24 vertebrae that make up our spine are what give our bodies the mobility it needs to move, bend, and twist. It keeps our movements smooth and gives us control and protects the delicate parts of the nervous system. Chiropractic practitioners use regular spinal care to help people enjoy healthier and more active lives. By keeping the spine properly aligned, the other parts of the body are given the chance to work properly as well. This results in better overall health.

Age and the wear and tear of extreme physical activities take their toll on our joints. Soon we find these joints painful and will allow only a fraction of its normal movement. Through regular adjustments, patients are able to regain full mobility in their joints; many of the world’s top athletes and many top athletic teams employ the services of chiropractors to keep in top shape.

Freedom from pain is another benefit of regular treatments from chiropractors. In fact, most people visit chiropractic clinics because of back pains and the old ‘crick in the neck’. It is interesting to note that chiropractors do not use pharmaceuticals in their treatments. Despite this, there are many cases when chiropractic adjustments are more successful at relieving pain than conventional medical treatments.

One of the most important benefits of chiropractic care is improved posture. Chiropractors generally provide advice for the prevention of spinal misalignments, which includes maintaining proper posture. With improved posture comes increased confidence and better overall performance.

With all these benefits, maybe it’s time you consulted with a chiropractor.

how much does non surgical hair replacement cost


The term non-surgical hair replacement covers a number of technologies which are used to artificially attach hair pieces onto sections of thinned and bald scalps.  The term is relatively new and is more properly associated with newer technologies which have been developed to improve upon the concept of the wig or toupee.

Non-surgical hair replacement methods have only recently gained wide acceptance because it is a direct descendant of the old wigs.  Wigs are known to look like wigs.  In fact it is easy to spot someone wearing an old-style wig even from a great distance.  That is how artificial those things looked.  And as far as attachment to the scalp is concerned, the old ones were attached to remaining hair using pins and/or had black laces which help hold them down.  A strong gust of wind or sudden movement would be enough to dislodge an old wig from its precarious perch above the wearer’s head.

New hair pieces are made of sterner stuff.  Where old pieces fell apart after about a year, new ones can last anywhere from four to seven years.  New adhesive technologies hold new hair pieces securely atop one’s crown.  These new hair pieces will not detach when the wind blows.  They will continue to hold fast even while you’re bathing or swimming.  Vigorous exercises will not cause them to detach.

When the technology was relatively new, modern non surgical hair replacement cost a lot of money.  But with the recent surge of popularity of non surgical means of hair replacement, costs have been steadily going down.  This can be attributed to the growth of the market which allows for economy of scale, and competition among companies offering different technologies.  Organizations like the American Hair Loss Council have a lot of useful information on available hair replacement options.

So how much does non surgical hair replacement cost?  It really varies with the company providing the hair replacement and the technology used.  On average, a good hair piece can cost a thousand dollars or so plus monthly maintenance of just about the cost of a good haircut.  One thing is sure though, surgical methods of hair replacement cost more.  Hair transplants, which surgical hair restoration methods really are, take a lot of hours of work by specialized technicians and medical specialists.  And to make matters worse, it usually takes a series of hair transplant operations to complete the process.  The procedure is only meant for people with deep pockets and time to wait for results to be visible.

People may not realize this, but if they choose to have non surgical hair transplant, it may be advantageous for them to have two sets of hair piece; one they have on while the other is undergoing maintenance.  While some may argue that surgical methods of hair restoration is more permanent, it does not really add hair – it just redistributes hair so it looks a little better. It is more relocation than real restoration.

In the end a non-surgical hair transplant procedure costs less, give more immediate results and really add hair where it is needed.

medical marijuana security clearance

Medical marijuana security in Canada has just been tightened so as to be inaccessible to all but the most resolute companies.  Since the new rules have given right to sell and dispense of medical marijuana only to licensed growers and producers, there are many companies who are interested in taking part in the business of growing weed.  With the medical marijuana business expected to expand rapidly in the next few years, companies wanting a piece of the proverbial pie have deluged Health Canada with license applications.

But even with the increasing demand for medicinal cannabis, and the large number of companies seeking license to produce the drug, license approvals have been slow in coming.  This is due in large part to the complexity of the medical marijuana security required of firms wishing to obtain legal producer’s accreditation from the government.

Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes Regulations :

Browsing through the website of Health Canada provides a glimpse of just how complex the security arrangements required of companies seeking legal grower licenses can be:

–          Containment:  All spaces that contain marijuana in any of its forms must be contained and access limited to essential personnel.  Containment requirements are so intense that even marijuana wastes and pollen need to be controlled, the latter through special air filters.

–          Intrusion:  Sensors and alarms need to be installed to document possible attempts of unauthorized people to gain entry.  Where such intrusions are suspected, or do happen, “appropriate response procedures” need to be in place to deal with them.

–          Access Control:  Access to sensitive areas containing marijuana or any of its derivatives should be protected by devices opened only through pin codes, proximity cards, swipe cards, biometric readers or passwords.  Access control devices should also record the identities of people entering controlled spaces, the time and date of such entry and exit.

–          Surveillance:  Sensitive areas need to be adequately lighted.  They also require the installation of a sufficient number of CCTV devices that operate and record video on a continuous basis.  Surveillance systems should always be manned or monitored physically through a central monitoring and control center.  Video surveillance records should also be backed up regularly to an offsite location.

–          Records of surveillance videos, intrusion alarm systems and access control data are to be kept for a minimum of 2 years.

–          Tampering:  Where tampering of the signals of any of the components of the security system as a whole is suspected, an “appropriate response procedure” is required to handle them.

With that complex requirement for marijuana security, most companies will only stand a chance of obtaining the necessary marijuana security clearance with the help of security professionals.  Fortunately, there is no shortage of security experts who have been providing sophisticated security systems for homes, industries, banks, schools and even military installation. There are also revised regulations introduced by the Canadian Government as discussed in the  Prairie Plant Systems Inc. news.

If you represent a company interested in obtaining a legal medical marijuana grower’s license, your best bet is to consult with a security expert.

urgent care clinic in birmingham al

Speed is of the essence!  How many times have we heard that phrase applied to the things we need to do or to get done?  The term rat race still applies to most people’s lives as it was when the term was first coined many decades ago.  To cope with our need for speed in every aspect of our lives we have developed efficient and fast mass transport systems, fast cars, freeways, fast food, instant everything, and express service on everything.  Many people have found a good living providing express laundry and dry cleaning, food delivery, grocery delivery and internet ordering of almost every consumer item imaginable.  The same is true of our need to have medical and sometimes dental services in as short a time as possible.

For immediate medical assistance in cases not involving life-threatening injuries or illnesses Birmingham urgent care can be counted on to provide fast and efficient services – way faster than what you may expect from visits to a hospital emergency room.  This may sound odd considering emergencies are conditions which require immediate attention, but the burgeoning of our cities has caused emergency room capacities to be strained.  There are usually long lines of people waiting to see the doctor at emergency rooms for many hours on average.  At a Birmingham urgent care clinic, which may be affiliated with the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine, the wait to see a doctor only takes fifteen minutes on average.  The funny thing is, though almost all the people in emergency rooms are in need of immediate medical attention, their injuries or illnesses are not all life-threatening.  This means they have the option of avoiding the long lines and going to an urgent care clinic instead.

At urgent care Birmingham AL, patients are not asked to undergo a battery of lab tests as a matter of precaution-induced routine.  Patients are only asked to undergo the tests needed to diagnose their conditions, thus cutting treatment time (and cost to the patient) drastically.

You can always rely on an urgent care clinic in Birmingham AL to provide much faster service at a fraction of the cost of an emergency room visit.  Unless your condition is life threatening, they offer a more convenient and more affordable alternative.

affordable good dentist in scarborough

There is a universal need to look for the best medical and dental practitioners to look after people.  But what makes a good dentist? A dentist in Scarborough provides a few insights on what makes a dentist stand out from the rest. Same is true with doctors at walk in clinic Hoover Al.

  1. Education and Knowledge:  A good dentist in Scarborough, or anywhere else for that matter, will be properly educated with degrees local and national laws require.  He will have passed all the certification requirements to engage in the practice of dentistry.  Most of all he never stops studying and keeping pace with the latest and best equipment and procedures that would allow him to give better service to his patients.  In Canada dental practitioners must be accredited by The Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada.
  2. Driven To Serve:  A good dentist must feel a sense of accomplishment with every patient he treats, every bit of pain he alleviates and every dental condition he successfully corrects.
  3. Manual Dexterity:  The nature of dental work is such that the smallest misstep can cause excruciating pain to the patient.  Because of this any aspiring dentist needs to possess a high level of physical coordination and manual dexterity as well as a light touch.  Mere fractions of a millimeter separate successful drilling out of decayed teeth from a high level of pain.
  4. Reassuring Demeanor:  A Scarborough dentist needs to be able to project a confident and knowledgeable demeanor that reassures even the most nervous patient.
  5. Professional Integrity:  A high level of professional integrity and respect for established procedure that puts the patient’s welfare above everything else.
  6. Patient Interaction:  A good dentist will encourage patients to participate in discussions about treatment alternatives.  He will engage patients to educate them about dental treatments and preventive measures that can be taken to avoid the requirement for extensive dental treatments.
    1. Focus On Oral Hygiene:  A good dentist is focused on proper oral hygiene and promotes it as the most effective means of preventing dental problems.  He will pass on to the patient a passion for ensuring oral hygiene is given the attention it deserves.


    These are just some of the most important attributes of a good dentist.  You need not look far to find a good and affordable Scarborough dentist.


There used to be a time when health food was something that was mainly associated with nature trippers and vegetarians.  When there’s red meat all around, it can be pretty hard to imagine anyone becoming a vegetarian by choice.  There’s also very little concern about the origin of meat and produce one consumes; after all meat is meat and a veggie is a veggie.  Then came information about the different types of toxins present in food, and  how some food clog up arteries and cause mayhem in other body organs.  People became conscious about the origin of the food they eat.  But what caused the greatest concern was when scientists started playing with genetically modified organism and growth hormones.  Health food stores Toronto have greatly benefitted from people’s fear of contaminated food.

Buying healthy natural food is not only acceptable now, it is deemed essential by a growing number of people.  People shopping at health food stores downtown toronto are looking at food labels that show each product’s origin and detailed information about how it was produced.  What they usually look for are labels that say ‘all natural’ or ‘100% organically grown’.  The increased public consciousness has prompted government agencies like the Health Canada to review and periodically update its guidelines on food labeling.

The increased popularity of almost anything natural sold at health food stores has positively affected nutrition supplement manufacturer Metagenics Canada.  After thirty years in the business, the company is now reaping the rewards of hard work in terms of record-breaking sales of its supplement line and general public acceptance.  People have finally come to accept health food and natural herbal cures.

And to put people’s doubts about their products to rest, Metagenics Canada contact are meant to complement treatment from a medical professional.  In fact, Metagenics recommends the use of their various health products under the supervision and advice of physicians.

With concerns about food safety and recent publications about available safe herbal cures, Toronto health food stores are enjoying unprecedented popularity.  Because of the health benefits their product offer, these health stores fully deserve their new fame.


top Birmingham pediatrics is one of the most progressive in the country.  In the city that hosts the highly regarded College of Medicine at the University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB), pediatricians are leading the way in seeking faster, better and more effective methods for the prevention and cure of common children’s diseases.

Research into innovative new methods for disease prevention and cures is boosted by a partnership struck between UAB’s department of pediatrics and the largest pediatric care center in Birmingham way back in 1968.  The partnership has designated the pediatric care center as the facilitator of pediatric educational programs and patient care within the UAB medical center.  Both institutions benefit from combining their resources and experience to promote excellence in patient care, education and research.

Innovation and research to find the best mode of treatment for various children’s ailments are also espoused by professional organizations such as the American Pediatric Surgical Association and the Alabama Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  These organizations sponsor a lot of training seminars, and publish newsletters and white papers to help keep pediatricians informed of the latest and best methods of treatment.  They also assist their members in acquiring the certifications necessary for the practice of pediatric medicine and to further their careers.

Interestingly, some individual pediatricians are dabbling in natural medicine to ably support treatments they provide through traditional methods.  These doctors receive pursue training and qualification in holistic medicine in addition to their degree in traditional medicine.  One of the most promising uses of this blending of technologies is the attempt to rely less on antibiotics.  All medicines are chemicals and reliance on them can lead to the need for ever stronger drugs.  By combining the use of scientifically proven natural methods for disease prevention and cure with traditional medicine, they provide a healthier treatment alternative.

Effectiveness of their cures is also helped by child psychologists who root out possible psychological causes of physical symptoms.  Psychologists also ensure patients are properly disposed to receive treatment.

Birmingham pediatrics blends together new traditional and natural medicine techniques to benefit their clients – the children.